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The Asia Animation Forum welcomes all groups and ages from the general public to professionals in various fields. It is designed to rediscover the value of Asia Animation and to encourage active global networking in education, creative arts, industry, and policy.

Today, animation, the collective of imagination is omnipresent. Imagination and creativity blur the boundaries between art, media, and genre and extend the areas of animation limitlessly. Animation is creating transcendent cultural phenomena forming the fandom beyond national borders by a wide spectrum of platforms and crossing the boundary between borders and regions as well as between the reality and the virtual world.

This year, the Forum celebrates its fourth anniversary and the meaning of animation will be explored from diverse perspectives of imagination presented by 40 speakers and debaters from 11 different countries. The present Forum will serve as a valuable opportunity to prospect the potentiality of animation, through a wide range of debates focused on animation which realizes infinite possibility of imagination.

ㆍTitle : ‘Animation+ Collective of Imagination’

ㆍDate : Oct. 23(Sun)~Oct. 25(Tue), 3 days

ㆍVenue : 5F Seminar Hall, Korea Manhwa Contents Agency

ㆍOrganized by : the BIAF organizing committee, The Catholic University of                         Korea Officefor LINC Convergence Center for Digital-Culture Contents

ㆍAuthorized by : the BIAF executive Committee, the Korean Society of Cartoon                          and Animation Studies, The Catholic University of Korea Office for LINC                          Convergence Center for Digital-Culture Contents

ㆍSupported by : Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Gyeonggi-do, Bucheon-si,                         Gyeonggi MICE Bureau, National Research Foundation of Korea, The                         Catholic University of Korea Office for LINC Culture Contents Consulting                         Group, Authentic Media Consulting Group

ㆍJoined with : the Society of Animation Studies(SAS), Korea Animation Producers                      Association, Korea Animation Artist Association, Korea Animation                      Industry Association,