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‘Animation+ Collective of Imagination’

1. Creative Imagination: Aesthetics, Technology
Diversified areas of animation in constant expansion along with new aesthetic values will be sought in the interaction of creative imagination-advanced technology.

2. Collective Imagination: Culture, Identity
Collective imagination realized in animation will allow exploring supranational and artistic identity as well as cross culture of Asian countries.

3. Convergent Imagination: Education, Industry
It will contemplate the present and future of animation-focused education and industry which require convergent imagination.
Program 1. 2016.10.23(Sun) 12:30~18:00 Creative Imagination: Aesthetics, Technology
Moderator : Jinny Hyejin CHOO(Adjunct Professor, Korea National University of Arts)
Time Title Presenter
12:30 Registration
13:00 Opening Address and Speech
13:30 [Keynote] Playing with Process. Imagination and Technology in Animated Works Maureen FURNISS
(Professor, California Institute of the Arts)
14:10 Metaphorical imagination and storytelling in animated short films Dong Eun LEE
(Professor, Catholic University of Korea)
14:35 Re-Inventing Reiniger: Redefining Aesthetics for Silhouette Animation in the Digital Age Hannes RALL
(Professor, Nanyang Technological University)
15:00 How to Draw a Woman:  A Critique on the Animation Canon Stephanie DELAZERI
(Animation researcher, California Institute of the Arts)
15:25 Discussant: Min Jung KIM(Affiliate professor, Sejong University), April Yeongok KIM(Professor, Myongji University), Shon KIM(Experimental Animation Artist)
15:55 Intermission
16:15 Rock Paper Scissors Joe KING
(Tutor, Royal College of Art )
16:40 Hypothesis, falsification and repeatability: reflections on ‘the experiment’ in experimental animation Andrew BUCHANAN
(Program leader, Zayed University)
17:05 Transmedia and Limitation of Reality and Virtuality Tomasz BEDNARZ, June KIM (Professor, Researcher, Queensland University)
17:30 Discussant: Wonjoon YOO(Director, AliceOn), Manamong JU(Professor, Inha University)
18:00 Asia Animation Forum(AAF) Opening Reception
Program 2. 2016.10.24(Mon) 12:30~17:30 Collective Imagination: Culture, Identity
Moderator : Jaewoong KWON(Professor, Hallym University)
Time Title Presenter
12:30 Registration
13:00 [Keynote]  Imagination of Animation, beyond the Border of Cultural Identity Jae-Cheol MOON
(Professor, Chung-Ang University)
Real Event and Documentary: Animated Representation
13:40 Desperately Seeking an Icon (with 8 Legs) Ho-Won NAH
(Lecturer, Kon-Kuk University)
14:05 The Strange Case of the Animated Jekyll and the ‘Online Hyde’: A Documentary Study of Korean Youth Culture and Identity Man PARK
(Lecturer, Korea Polytechnic University)
14:30 Autobiography Memory and Collective Imagination: Practice-based Research on Animated Documentary Chunning GUO
(Senior Lecturer, Renmin University)
14:55 Discussant: Jun-Seo HAHM(Professor, Kon-Kuk University), Minhyoung KIM(Professor, Hankuk University of Foreign Studies), Mira CHO(Lecturer, Chung-Ang University)
15:25 Intermission
Identity in Asia
15:45 Siamese Cats – Analysis of 6 Thai Independent Animators Millie YOUNG
(Lecturer, Mahidol University)
16:10 A Fantastic Adaptation: Investigating the elements of fantasy (imagination) within the context of Shahnameh as a popular source of adaptation in Iranian animations Monireh ASTANI
(Illustrator/Storyboard Artist)
16:35 Representing Colonial Architecture: Archeology in Animation and Comic Vincent CHEN (Ph.D Candidate, National Chiao Tung University)
17:00 Discussant: Mi Suk SONG(Professor, Daelim University), Kyung Hee YOUN(Lecturer, Korea National University of Arts), Jeong-Rae JO(Professor, Hallym University)
Program 3. 2016.10.25(Tue) 12:30~17:30 Convergent Imagination: Education, Industry
Moderator : Ho-Won NAH(Lecturer, Kon-Kuk University)
Time Title Presenter
12:30 Registration
13:00 [Keynote] Life, Animated – Crossing Distance and Discipline in Animated Media Paul WELLS (Professor/Director, the Animation Academy, Loughborough University)
Convergence Education and New Areas of Animation
13:40 Imagining through webtoon: A case study of webtoon-focused convergence education project in middle school Hyeon-Seon JEONG (Professor, Gyeongi National University of Education)
Yooshin PARK (Teacher, Seokgwan Elementary School)
14:05 Artificial Intelligence and strategy to develop intelligent contents Sang-Goog LEE
(Professor, Catholic University of Korea)
14:30 Lock up your stories – here comes Virtual Reality Gray HODGKINSON
(Senior Lecturer, Massey University)
14:55 Discussant: Amie KIM(Collegiate Professor, Sogang University), Soo Hwa LEE(Vice Chariman, NACSI), Kwang Jib KIM(Professor, Seoul Institute of the Arts)
15:25 Intermission
Expended Industry and Asia
15:50 Industrial extensibility of VR Character Animation Bae Sil LEE
(CEO/Director, Panda8Studio)
16:15 Thailand Animation Landscape: Collaboration and Knowledge Sharing Umparin BOONSINSUK
(Course leader, Bangkok University)
16:40 Discussant: Gangdeug KIM(Chairman, KAIA), Seung Rok OH(CEO, East Pictures), Doyoung YIM(CEO, Pixtrend Inc.)
17:30 Closing Speech