Assistant Professor , City University of Hong Kong

From Broken Visions to Expanded Abstractions
Dr. Max Hattler is an Assistant Professor at the School of Creative Media at City University of Hong Kong. His research explores relationships between abstraction and figuration, abstraction and narrative, aesthetics and politics, sound and image, and precision and improvisation. His abstract animation films have been presented at Beijing Minsheng Museum, Sonar Hong Kong, Filmfest Dresden, MoCA Taipei, and many others. Awards include Cannes Lions, Bradford Animation Festival, and several Visual Music Awards. He has performed live audiovisual works around the world, including at Playgrounds Festival, Seoul Museum of Art, EXPO Milano and the European Media Art Festival.
Franziska BRUCKNER

Lecturer, University of Vienna, Austria

Reflecting Academic Symposia as a trend at Animation Festivals: Animafest Zagreb and Stuttgart Festival of Animated Film
Dr. Franziska Bruckner studied theater-, film- and media studies at the University of Vienna as well as painting and animation at the University of Applied Arts Vienna. From 2009 to 2013 she was praedoc assistant at the department of theater-, film- and media studies in Vienna and on the editorial board of the e-journal rezens.tfm. Since 2013 she works as lecturer for animation theory and practice at the University of Vienna, Eberhard Karls University Tübingen and University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria. She is co-coordinator of the AG Animation of the German-speaking Society of Media Studies and board member of ASIFA-Austria. Her main research and publications focus on animation, experimental film as well as relations between fine arts and film. Since 2014 she is the initiator and organizer of the symposium Animafest Scanner in Zagreb.
Juergen HAGLER

Professor, Upper Austria University of Applied Sciences

Reflecting Academic Symposia as a trend at Media Art Festivals and Conferences on Computer Animation: Ars Electronica Linz and FMX Stuttgart
Dr. Juergen Hagler studied art education, experimental visual design and cultural studies at the University for Art and Design in Linz, Austria. He currently works as a professor for Computer Animation and Animation Studies in the Digital Media department at the Hagenberg Campus of the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria. He became the programme coordinator for the Digital Arts master’s degree programme in 2009. Since 2014 he is the head of the research group Playful Interactive Environments with a focus on the investigation of new and natural playful forms of interaction and the use of playful mechanisms to encourage specific behavioral patterns. Since 2009 he is the curator of the Ars Electronica Animation Festival and initiator and organizer of the symposium Expanded Animation.

Director, Studio Cliff

The aesthetics of 2D in technological changes
Min PARK is a representative, storyboard artist and director of Studio Cliff. He directed and also scenario writing for VR 2D Animation >Reincarnation Bus<(2016), >One step<(2016), 2D/3D Animation >Deal<(2015), >Sofa<(2013) etc. He is doing various work activities across 2D, 3D animation and VR contents such as >Batman<, >The Avengers<, >Superman< and aldo key animation for >Oseam<(2003). Currently, he is featuring TV, advertisement, advanced technology contents and produced the world’s first 2D-360 degree cinema.

Professor, University of São Paulo, Brazil

Animation and Machines: Designing Expressive Robot-human Interactions
João Paulo Schlittler, Ph.D., was born in New York City in 1964. He is a designer working in film, television and new media since 1987, creating show opens, brand identity and film titles for television and feature films in the US and Brazil. He holds a PhD in User Interaction Design from Universidade de São Paulo, a Masters Degree in Interactive Telecommunications from the Tisch School of Arts at New York University and a B.A. in Architecture from Universidade de São Paulo, Brazil. Since 2004 he is a Professor at the Department of Film and Television at the School of Communication and Arts of Universidade de São Paulo. Joao Paulo headed the Design department at TV Cultura in Brazil, was the Director of Broadcast and Interactive Design at Discovery Networks and Director of Graphics and Effects at HBO. He has received various awards in the field, among them: BDA, New York Festivals, ID Magazine and Print Magazine.
April Youngok KIM

Assistant Professor, Myongji University

Visual Digital Culture & Enhanced Imagination-The Aesthetic Transformation and the Expansion of Shadow Images
As an artist she is studying a phenomenon of animation which is fused and extended with various medium. Especially, focus on the shadow and the collage that maximize imagination in digital culture. >The Internal Representations of >Frank Film<(1973) as seen through Walter Benjamin's Dialectical Images<, >A Study on the Aesthetic Characteristics of the digital silhouette animation, >Tales of the night<< She is drawing and making films based on the study of light and shadow.
Aylish WOOD

Professor, University of Kent, UK

Inside Out’s Particular Emotions
Aylish Wood is a Professor at the University of Kent, UK. She teaches at the film study. Her research is informed by an interest in the relationships between technology and moving image media. Areas of study have included images of humans and technologies, and the impact of digital media on cinema aesthetics, animation, digital games and installations. Her current research is focused on 3D animation software and its use in visual effects, animations, and science visualizations. >Digital Contours, Chases and Spaces: thinking about space through software<(2016), >Behind the Scenes: A Study of Autodesk MAYA<(2014), >Intangible space: three-dimensional technology in Hugo and IMAX in The Dark Knight<(2013).

Professor, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

Lights, Virtual Camera, Action!
Gray Hodgkinson is a digital media designer and researcher, with a specific interest in visual research methods and computer animation. Gray has been developing and leading animation education for 17 years, 14 of those at Massey University, New Zealand, and now at Nanyang School of Art, Design and Media. Gray has presented papers on animation research and pedagogy at Melbourne, Germany, the U.K., Japan, Taiwan and South Korea. In recent work, Gray has been exploring the inclusion of 3D virtual reality to animation. Animation and virtual reality share a common fundamental in that they both take place inside an artificially constructed world. This commonality provides a starting point to explore how narrative and direction is affected when virtual reality is employed.
Mari KIM

Professor of Digital Media at Catholic University of Korea

Counterattack of Regan-Rise of Les Enfants Terribles
She received a degree from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) multimedia major. In 2006, she spoke as a speaker of PIctoplasma the international character arts festival and introduced her works through various exhibitions in Korea since 2007. The latest exhibition is , a celebrating exhibition for the 130 year diplomatic relations between Korea and France. Most of all, she received attention that the music video collaboration with a famous Korea pop music entertainment. And also many domestic exhibitions and a collaboration art work with many enterprises are known as active media and the general public. Currently, she is now concentrating on overseas activities. In particular, she has been actively having exhibitions in Britain, Germany, the United States and Taiwan.
LEE Dong-eun

Professor of Media Technology and Media Contents at Catholic University of Korea

Synesthesia Cultural Revolution and Neo-Classical Storytelling
She served as a Line Producer of >My Beautiful Girl, Mari<(2001), the full-length animated film which won Grand Prix in Annecy International Animated Film Festival for the first time as a Korean work and also carried out producing works as a Korean provider of >Second Life<(2003), the world’s largest virtual world. She is a former judge of Story Public Contest of Korea Creative Content Agency and New Writer Literature Award of Bucheon. In addition, she served as a committee member of the Korea Creative Contents Agency(KOCCA), which included planning and operation of culture diversity festivals(2015, 2016), TV children’s story animation, physical interactive game, etc. >A Study on the Text Book of LEE Ae-ryeong part 1-Digital<(2010), >Game, embraces mythology<(2017), >Meta Storytelling and Character Storytelling Model<(2016)
Fauzi Naeim MOHAMED

lecturer in animation studies from University of Kuala Lumpur

Thinking Abstract Animation
He has BA in Fine Art, MA in Art & Design, and is currently finishing up his PhD in Film Studies, with topic on Martin Heidegger and Bela Tarr. He has published in various periodicals, including animation: an interdisciplinary journal, Revista Arte Individuo y Sociedad, International Journal of Comic Art, Kesturi, Jurnal Pengajian Media Malaysia, Dewan Sastera, among others. He has also published an illustration book entitled Siti (2015, Dewan Bahasa & Pustaka), co-authored with Nurul Lina. He is currently editing a book about art and technology, to be published by UniKL. Research interests: Experimental animation, slow cinema, phenomenology, existentialism, painting and comics studies.
Jang Kyung-jae

Postdoctoral researcher in the Research Faculty of Media and Communication, Hokkaido University

Formation of cultural identity and the presence of sites of Korean fans through Japanese Animations
He holds a PhD and MA in tourism studies from Hokkaido University, and a BA from Korea University. Dr. Jang has conducted participatory research on transnational Japanese contents tourism, focusing on popular culture-related tourism and events in the USA, France, Tunisia, Korea, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. His recent publication is Contents Tourism in Japan: Pilgrimages to “Sacred Sites” of Popular Culture (2017) by Philip Seaton, Takayoshi Yamamura, Akiko Sugawa-Shimada, and Kyungjae Jang.
PARK Nam-ki Ph.D.

Research Faculty, Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology

Supplementation and Expansion of Memory through Animation Landscape-Focusing on Japanese Animations focused on Landscape Portrayal
He is studying continuously in Korean and Japanese animation after obtaining a doctorate. His research is in the course of expanding into an animation study in East Asia. He is also participate in a new media research not only an animation study but also the available contents of the new media platform including VR and AR.
Hearyun SHIM

Professor of Science Studies, Chonbuk National University

Embodied Media Space
Professor of Science Studies, Chonbuk National University, studied philosophy in Korea and done her Ph.D. studies at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Germany. Her researches and teaching mostly center on Walter Benjamin, media philosophy and aesthetics. There are many books and articles related to that topic. Representative books are "Media-Philosophy of the 20th century: From analog to digital, 2012" and "The aesthetics of cyberspace-era, 2006". And she has published several books with other researchers; "German philosophy-the first reading", "Science Technology and cultural art, "Image of Urban Space and imagination", "Walter Benjamin; Modernity and city", "Matter and method of aesthetics", "Understanding of Media Philosophy", and so forth. She is currently writing a book titled Evolution of Aura, and envisioned a book on the media-philosophy in the 21st century.

CEO/Founder, Giant Monster Pte Ltd

The Emote Project: feelings, brain waves and real-time experimental animation
Mark Chavez is an award winning animator, artist, educator and entrepreneur who has developed systems and techniques for animation in many different media including laser light at LaserMedia Inc., (1980), broadcast television at Tokyo Broadcasting System (1990), Triple A games at Acclaim Entertainment, (1993) and feature films. Recruited by DreamWorks SKG (1995), he worked on visual effects for a number of their fully animated films. At the original Rhythm and Hues Studios in Playa Vista (2002), where he worked on visual effects for numerous big budget, award winning live-action films. Animation industry veteran and founding faculty at Nanyang Technological University’s School of Art, Design and Media’s Digital Animation area he is currently based in Singapore, founder of Giant Monster Inc. consulting on Ed Tech start-up on games, animation and working on public art installations that focus on realizing contents that benefit humanity.
Ina Conradi CHAVEZ

Associate Professor at the Nanyang Technological University

Urban Gallery: Art of Animation and large scale urban media environments
Ina Conradi is an award-winning new media artist, living in Singapore. Ina has presented her works at the New Media Film Festival, the 67th Edinburgh International Film Festival, HollyShorts Film Festival, 3D Stereo MEDIA Liège, Women 3D directors Paramount Studios Hollywood, FMX Stuttgart, 3D Beyond Festival ZKM, Ars Electronica Festival, Siggraph Asia Hong Kong. Currently Associate Professor at the Nanyang Technological University Singapore her recent community-forming project features fully integrated, intelligent multi- media art display. Ina holds Master’s of Fine Art from UCLA.

Postdoctoral research associate in the Department of Media Studies at the University of Tübingen

Animated Projections and Screens as Sensory Expansion of Stage Productions
Erwin Feyersinger is a postdoctoral research associate in the Department of Media Studies at the University of Tübingen. His research focuses mainly on animation, and relies on narratological, semiotic, and cognitive frameworks. He is member of the editorial board of Animation: An Interdisciplinary Journal. He is initiator and co-coordinator of the scholarly interest group AG Animation as part of the Gesellschaft für Medienwissenschaft. Together with Franziska Bruckner, Markus Kuhn, and Maike Sarah Reinerth, he has recently published In Bewegung setzen … Beiträge zur deutschsprachigen Animationsforschung, a collection of German articles on animation.
Kim Il

CEO of ManiaMind co., Ltd.

What if you could produce animation with a game engine?
He is a director, CEO and an entrepreneur in digital media such as Digital Human, UI/UX( UI/UX in Virtual Reality Environments, AI in Virtual Reality Environments and Realtime Cinema. He teaches VR, On-line, Mobile games and realtime images at the various universities. He supervise many works. >The Risen Dead<(2017), >FCManager<(2013) and >God Hunter<(2017). He is currently serving as the director of the Korea Association of VR industries.
KO Minjung May

Ph.D. Candidate, Chung-Ang University

Old & New: The Return of 19th Visual Culture
Minjung May Ko is a Ph.D. Candidate at Chung-Ang University and is now working on a doctoral dissertation. She majored in animation study and film/animation policy. She has worked in several international animation forums as a coordinator. She was invited for Japan Foundation Fellowship Program, and conducted research in Japan. She studied Chinese language during her stay in china for one year. She can speak Chinese, Japanese and English. She is juggling study with work, oscillating between theory and practice in animation. Her current interests center on a historical approach to vision and technology.
Hasnul Hadi SAMSUDIN

Vice President of the Creative Content & Technologies of the Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation Sdn Bhd

Public Sector Facilitation In Levelling Up the Malaysian Digital Content & Creative Tech Sector
Hasnul Hadi Samsudin is currently the Vice President of the Creative Content & Technologies of the Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation Sdn Bhd. He has played an integral role in developing the Malaysian Creative Digital Content Industry in the past few years through his capacity in various roles from within government and private sector.
He has acted as the Head of the MSC Malaysia Animation and Creative Content Center (MAC3). There, he has built initiatives from the ground up to accelerate the growth of the industry
On of his recent postings was in Rhythm & Hues Malaysia, the Oscar-winning Visual Effects studio, as a Senior Manager. His role was to grow R&H locally and regionally to accelerate the local and regional VFX industry to world-class standards. This has led to many roles within creative media industry from associations like POSTAM and CCIG to being an advisor to academia within colleges and universities
Jungwoo Christine YOON

Day 1 Moderator

Assistant Professor, Media Technology Contents Dept. of Catholic University of Korea
Professor. Jungwoo Christine Yoon is currently working as an Assistant Professor at Media Technology and Contents Department of Catholic University of Korea. Her area of specialty and research interests are communications design, industrial design with most emphasis on packaging design. She studied industrial design at Emily Carr University of Art and Design of Vancouver. After completing masters degree in Communications Packaging Design from Pratt Institute of NYC, she worked as a designer for corporates including DKNY Home and Marc Rosen Associates. She has participated in diverse design projects for brands including, L'Occitane, Clinique, Kate Spade and more. Her teaching career began at Emily Carr University of Art and Design as an adjunct lecturer, then as a full-time lecturer at Communications Design Department of Daegu University. At present, she is working as an Assistant Professor at Catholic University of Korea, Songshim Campus, teaching design, branding and trend research related courses, as well as actively participating in labs of CUK and associations in animation and design fields.
Jaewoong KWON

Day 2 Moderator

Professor, Hallym University
KWON is an Associate Professor and Head at the School of Communication(Major in Digital Contents) at Hallym University. He worked as a chief editor at The Korean Society of Cartoon & Animation Studies and currently became the vice presidents of the organization. He is also the assistant editor at International Journal of Comic Art. KWON’s main interest is animation production and currently focusing on technicalities such as the development stage.
Changwan HAN

Day3 Moderator

Professor, Sejong University
He has his PhD, Master, BA degree of Journalism and Broadcasting at Sogang University. He is studying of cartoon and animation theory and industrial analysis started with his book [The study of Korea Cartoon Industry]. Currently, he is researching new integrated strategy for digital contents after that he expands his attention towards game and character business.
He is working as a professor(Dean of Cartoon and Animation department) at Sejong University from 2000. And also, he is a head of research center of contents industry convergence center, the president of The Animation Society of Korea, a board member of Korea Film Archive, a committee of the publication ethics commission of Publication Industry Promotion Agency of Korea, and an operation committee member of Korea Arts & Culture Education Service. He wrote [Video strategy of Japanese Animation and Disney Animation](2001), [The terminology dictionary of Animation](2002), [Animation Economics: Study of alternative business of Animation Industry](2004) and translated important books to study of animation, such as [Understanding Animation](2001), [Art in Motion: Animation Aesthetics](2001), [Animation 2D and Beyond](2003), [Animators’ Survival Kit](2004).