01 Ticket Type

Ticket TypePriceNote
Opening Ceremony + Opening Film KRW 12,000 Online-Purchase
General Admission KRW 7,000 Infant 4,000 KRW (Age 5~7),
Child 5,000 KRW (Age 8~13)
Master Class Free(ONLY for those aged 13 and below)
KRW2,000 Ticket discount does not apply for ages 3 or more
Group Purchase Group of 20 or more: 5,000 KRW (Adult) Infant 4,000 KRW (Age 5~7),
Child 5,000 KRW (Age 8~13)
Group of 20 or more
(Infant 7,000 KRW(Master Class)
Group of 15 or more
(Infant 3,000 KRW/Child 4,000 KRW)

Each infant or child ticket includes 1 parent admission (For two – 50% Discount)

Present your receipt from vendors near the venue for 50% discount
☞ Group discounts cannot be applied

Currently pregnant visitors get 50% off

Free entrance for all exhibitions

BIAF2016 ticket holders can get a 50% discount when purchasing admission tickets for the Korea Manhwa Museum.

Only one price-reduction category can be applied to each ticket

02 Ticket Purchase

Online purchases are available at www.biaf.or.kr from Oct. 11(Wen) 10:00 ~ Oct. 24(Tue) 15:30
General Reservation: Oct. 20(Fri) ~ Oct. 24(Tue)

03 Tickets and Tour Information

  Korea Manhwa Museum CGV Bucheon Bucheon City Hall
Location Outside of the entrance of Korea Manhwa Museum Entrance of cinema on the 6th floor 1st floor of Bucheon City Hall
Date At the venues: Oct. 20(Fri) ~ Oct. 24(Tue)
Online: Oct. 11(Wen) 10:00 ~ Oct. 24(Tue)
Time 09:30 ~ 20:30
Payment Methods Credit Card, Cash, Invitation, Badge
(Gift vouchers and other means of payment will not be taken)
How to purchase Tickets are available at all ticket booths
Gift voucher · You can reserve tickets on the screening day or one day before the screening day at ticket booths.
· You can reserve two tickets with one gift voucher.
ID Card · You can reserve tickets on the screening day or one day before the screening day at ticket booths.
· Only one ticket per film can be reserved and you can reserve up to the maximum number of 3 tickets per day.
· You cannot reserve tickets for more than one film showing at the same time.

Tickets for the award ceremony aren’t available for sale

Ticket booths are open from 9:30 to 16:00 on the first day (Oct. 20(Fri)) and from 9:30 to 14:00 on the last day (Oct. 24(Tue))

04 Cancellation and Refund / Notice

Cancellation Cancellation is available 1 hour before the screening
Cancellation Fee No cancellation fee
Notice·  Tickets already issued can be cancelled only at a ticket booth and the ticket must be presented at the time of cancellation.
· Partial cancellation is not allowed. If you wish to make a partial cancellation, you must cancel the ticketing and make a new purchase.
· When a screening is cancelled, we provide a full refund at ticket booths during the festival period. The ticket must be presented at ticket booths.
·  The ticket is available on the day and the time indicated on the ticket. If your ticket is lost or damaged, the ticket will not be reissued.
·  You can purchase or issue the ticket until 5 minutes before the screening.
· The screening will start on time, admittance 10 minutes before the start of screening is advised.
·  Food is not allowed into the cinema (Beverages with lids are available).
※ Only water is allowed in the Fantastic Cube.
· ․ Photography (mobile phones, cameras and other recording devices) and video recordings are strictly prohibited during screenings.
· Ticket holders will be admitted to screenings in accordance with the film rating.