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The Asia Animation Forum (AAF) is an international academic event held annually in Bucheon, Korea. The AAF intends to rediscover the value of Asian animation and establishes a global network to promote further cooperation in the fields of aesthetic, education, creation, industry, and policy.

The visual image of today, animation realm permeates the various media from art to mass media. Furthermore, it blurred the genre and extends the areas of contemporary media limitlessly. The expanded senses and the sensational illusion stimulate our neuron through the optic nerve. Animation is the core of visual image perception by its own creativity and also its intrinsic value. The AAF 2017 seeks to explore the meaning of animation in the various aspects of the senses. We hope that the forum will inspire a wide range of the intellectual curiosity and productive discussions about the animation domain fulfilling the infinite possibilities. In addition, the academic venue will allow all the participants to discuss the expanded senses of animation with a boundless liberty.

The general information of the program are listed as below:

ㆍTitle : ‘The Expansion of the Senses'

ㆍDate : October 22-24, 2017

ㆍVenue : KOMACON(Korea Manhwa Contents Agency), Seminar Hall(5th Floor)

ㆍHost Organized by :by the BIAF(Bucheon International Animation Festival) organizing committee

Authorized by : by the BIAF executive Committee, the Korean Society of Cartoon and Animation Studies, the Catholic University of Korea Office for 3HC Convergence Center - affiliated organization of LINC+

Supported by : by the National Research Foundation of Korea, GyeongGi MICE Bureau