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  • Flip Book: The Revolutionary Animations of the 21st Century Collaboration BIAF
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Flip Book: The Revolutionary Animations of the 21st Century

18 MAY 12 AUG, 2018

Collaboration between Ilmin Museum of Art and BIAF (Bucheon International Festival)


                ▲ The Man Who Knew 75 Languages                              ▲1917-The Real October 

                   ▲ My beautiful girl, Mari                                                        Underdog

Flip Book: The Revolutionary Animations of the 21st Centuryis an exhibition project that seeks the possibility to reconsider embedded animation genres as contemporary art.

Period : 18 May 12 August, 2018

Location: The Second Exhibition Hall at Ilmin Museum of Art www.ilmin.org

Participating Artists: Lee Sung-gang My Beautiful, Mari, Oh Sung-yoon Leafie, A Hen into the Wild, Katrin Rothe 1917-The Real October, Anca Damian Crulic The Path to Beyond, The Magic Mountain, Anne Magnussen The Man Who Knew 75 languages, Arai Fuyu Tissue Animalas, Sawako Kabuki Anal Juke-anal Juice, Bastien Dubois Madagascar, a Journey Diary)and Toonbwa.

-A List of Exhibits: Animation Film, Concept Art, Scenario Scripts, Story Boards, Stop Motion Animation, Original Version of Characters, Making Film, By-Products and so on.

Bucheon International Animation Festival, the status of the Academy Award® qualifying film festival, takes place 19-23 October 2018 www.biaf.or.kr (Bucheon, South Korea).