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The Asia Animation Forum (AAF) is the upmost academic event held annually in Bucheon, Korea. The AAF seeks out the intrinsic value of animation what is an essential element of the emotional modern culture. The AAF program is designed to discuss with experts in various animation areas such as academics, directors and journalists. The main notion leads the conference to the origins of sympathy are made with the innocence of creativity and the sensibility of communication. For this reason, the AAF focuses on the emotions in animation within a practice of creation as well as an appreciation of animation.

Today, modern life seems to be inactive due to severed others. However, the reverse side of contemporaries lies emotional needs to communicate and sympathize with others regardless of time and spaces. Creation of animation begins on the basis of emotion also. The origin of animation, which is called “the action of imparting life”, reverts all artists who want to create animation into a breath taking moment where only one image, a small piece of imagination, is infuse its life. This year the asia animation forum focuses on the pure emotions of animation. The ability of empathy based on moving images and storytelling is expanding into a global image culture beyond culture, race and age.

The AAF 2018 searches for the emotional nature of animation within various perspectives of view. The main subject of the AAF is about the value of animation representing the emotions of modern people by the study of animation, which is expanding into the field of psychology, humanities and art.

ㆍTitle : ‘The Return of the Innocence-Emotions in Animation'

ㆍDate : Oct. 22(Mon) ~ Oct. 23(Tue), 2 days

ㆍVenue : 5F Seminar Hall, Korea Manhwa Contents Agency

ㆍOrganized by :The Bucheon International Animation Festival Organizing Committee

ㆍAuthorized by : The BIAF Executive Committee, The Korea Society of Cartoon and Animation Studies

ㆍSupported by : Gyeonggi-Do, Bucheon City, Gyeonggi MICE Bureau