BIAF2018 Animated Short Production Support

Program Introduction

We are accepting film submissions for the BIAF2018 Animated Short Production Support. Please read the following and we ask for many interested short animation directors to participate.

Submission Detail

Submission Period
2018.08.21. (Fri) ~ 2018.09.21. (Fri) *Must submit before 17:00
No limit in terms of theme and style. Animated short at least 2 minutes long that is creative and competitive enough in the international market
Submission Categories
Animated short with a complete story structure
※ Excludes pilot and demo work. Unpublished original work not supported by other agencies
Eligibility Requirements
Hold Citizenship of Republic of Korea (No restriction on age, gender)
Application Process
Visit or Mail Completed Application and Compressed File (
(Please refer Notice Board)
Selection Process
  • Preliminaries (Evaluate Documents) : 2018.09.24. (Mon) ~ 2018.10.01. (Mon)
  • Preliminaries (Announce Results) : 2018.10.02. (Tue) * Contact individually after 18:00
  • Final Screening (Presentation) : 2018.10.21. (Sun) 14:00 (Venue:Bucheon City Hall, Fantastic Cube)
  • ※ For more details, please refer to the attachment.