Program Class

Part1: The Making of Fantasia 2000

Fantasia 2000, released on New Year’s Day 2000, was the pet project of Roy Disney (Walt’s nephew), who saw it as a way of continuing his uncle’s great visionary masterpiece, the original Fantasia released in 1940. .Join Director Eric Goldberg and Art Director Susan Goldberg as they show their techniques and approaches in creating two of the film’s memorable sequences: Carnival of the Animals (Finale), which makes extensive use of animated watercolors, and Rhapsody in Blue, based on the art of legendary theatrical caricaturist Al Hirschfeld. Find out first-hand about working with Roy Disney, the great Joe Grant, and many other creative individuals who were instrumental in the making of the film, as well as Eric and Susan’s visions for each piece, and the challenges of animating to music.

Part2: Mickey Mouse’s 90th Birthday

On November 18th, Mickey Mouse will officially celebrate his 90th year, based on the 1928 release of “Steamboat Willie” at the Colony Theater. Disney animator Eric Goldberg takes us on a fanciful history of Mickey’s greatest moments, his development as an enduring personality, and his use and recognizability to the present day – and probably for another 90 years! Eric will draw live for the audience each of Mickey’s incarnations, as well as providing stories and anecdotes about the world’s most iconic mouse. Eric was the Hand-Drawn Animation Supervisor for the Academy Award nominated “Get a Horse” released with Disney’s Frozen.