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BIAF2020 presents a total of six exhibitions in three sections with more-focused, better quality. The exhibitions are held in Korea Manhwa Museum (KM) and around Bucheon City Hall Station. Visitors can enjoy various aspects of animation through the exhibitions. Ani-Special Exhibition presents the production stories behind BIAF2018 Grand-Prize-winning This Magnificent Cake! There is also an exhibition prepared by a world-class animation master and a professor who teaches animation at schools. The exhibitions also include companies that lead the Korean animation market, colleges that teach animation as a study, and VR contents that drive the fourth industrial revolution.

10. 18.(Fri) ~ 10. 22.(Tue)
1F Lobby Korea Manhwa Museum, 3F Special Exhibition Hall Korea Manhwa Museum, Gallery, Bucheon City Hall Station


Ani-Master exhibition This Magnificent Cake!
Ani-Master exhibition introduces This Magnificent Cake!, a feature film that won BIAF Grand Prize at BIAF2018 last year. The exhibition displays actual stop-motion puppets used in the film. By showing the production process, viewers will see the charm of the genre.
  • Date : 10. 18.(Fri) ~ 10. 22.(Tue)
  • Venue : 1F Lobby, Korea Manhwa Museum


Ani-Fair Exhibition
Visitors will have a chance to see the future of animation in the era of the fourth industrial revolution at College Promotion Hall, Company Hall, Youth Hall, and VR Experience Hall.

Promotion College Hall

The exhibition deals with the way animation as a study should pursue and how to expand its establishment. This participatory exhibition suggests the expandability of animation as a cultural industry by showing each school’s teaching method and characteristics.

  • Date : 10. 18.(Fri) ~ 10. 22.(Tue)
  • Venue : 1F Lobby, Korea Manhwa Museum

Company Hall

Various Korean animation companies promote and share their contents, technologies, and vision.

  • Date : 10. 18.(Fri) ~ 10. 22.(Tue)
  • Venue : 1F Lobby, Korea Manhwa Museum

VR Experience Hall

The exhibition in VR Experience Hall lowers the barrier for the general public to enjoy VR contents, which represents the fourth industrial revolution. With many programs to see and experience, the exhibition adds a dynamic touch to the festival.

  • Date : 10. 18.(Fri) ~ 10. 22.(Tue)
  • Venue : 1F Lobby, Korea Manhwa Museum


Ani-Special Exhibition
This exhibition presents collaboration between animation and other fields of art. Visitors can enjoy different animation-related works at one exhibition hall.

International Animator & Cartoonist Invitation Exhibition

The exhibition focuses on multi-media animation extended into the field of fine arts (paintings, sculptures, and installation art) by teachers, directors and independent artists working in various fields such as cartoon, animation, and illustration.

  • Date : 10. 18.(Fri) ~ 10. 22.(Tue)
  • Venue : Gallery, Bucheon City Hall Station


This exhibition introduces various contents combined with animation and is a place where you can enjoy animation from different perspectives.

VR Theater

The Instead of a simple showcase that presents animation work using industry 4.0 VR techniques, they organized an animation film festival program as an official art genre and introduces Korea’s first VR International Competition at BIAF. A theater that screens VR films that passed the preliminaries and selected for international competition.

  • Date : 10. 18.(Fri) ~ 10. 22.(Tue)
  • Venue : Special Exhibition Hall 1, 3F Korea Manhwa Museum

Anime X Game Festival 2020

Anime X Game Festival(AGF) that will be introduced at BIAF is Korea’s largest official comprehensive event that introduces a wide range of contents including an exhibition and pop-up store featuring animations and games, famous artist stage, collaboration cafe with motifs of animation and game, cosplay of various characters.

  • Date : 10. 18.(Fri) ~ 10. 22.(Tue)
  • Venue : 1F Lobby, Korea Manhwa Museum

Animation Records Exhibition

One of the important elements of animation is sound. Among the sounds, the original soundtrack (OST) touches and brings our attention to emotions. It is an exhibition of retro emotions that brings together a variety of animation records including OSTs that show the trend of animation.

  • Date : 10. 18.(Fri) ~ 10. 22.(Tue)
  • Venue : 1F Lobby, Bucheon City Hall