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As the first Academy-qualifying film festival in Korea, BIAF offers special exhibitions with sophisticated animations and stories to facilitate communications between artists and visitors. The exhibitions are designed to embrace exhibition planners, Korea and global, amateurs and professionals, and audiences and creators. The exhibitions―Ani-Master, Ani-Special, and Ani-Little will showcase works created by educators, directors, and artists in cartoon, animation, and illustration, and the prize-winning works created by students who will lead the future of animation. Amid the 4th Industrial Revolution, VR exhibition will also provide thrilling experiences to visitors


Ani-Master Exhibition

KOO Hyesun Special Exhibition : Imagine
Paint in your heart
An participation-oriented exhibition with arts, music, and video. Visitors listen to music and draw paintings, not just appreciating arts.
  • DateOctober 18 (SUN) ~ 25 (SUN)
  • VenuesSpecial Exhibition Hall 2 (1F), Korea Manhwa Museum


Ani-Special Exhibition

International Animator & Cartoonist Invitation Exhibition
The exhibition presents multimedia animations converged with fine arts including painting, sculpture and video installation created by educators, directors, and artists in the field of cartoon, animation, and illustration.
  • DateOctober 23 (FRI) ~ 27 (TUE)
  • VenuesGallery, Bucheon City Hall Station


Ani-Little Exhibition

The 20th BIAF National Student Manhwa Animation Contest/Competition & Competition Winners Exhibition
The exhibition showcases winning works (70 works in total) from the 20th BIAF National Student Manhwa Animation Contest (High school) / Competition (Middle School). You will witness the future of animation from the works of young student artists.
  • DateOctober 23 (FRI) ~ 27 (TUE)
  • VenuesLobby (1F), Korea Manhwa Museum


VR Theater

VR Theater
Not just for showcase but as a serious genre of art, the exhibition presents VR works and contents to provide visitors with various spectacles and experiences in the festive mood.
  • DateOctober 23 (FRI) ~ 27 (TUE)
  • VenuesLobby (1F) in front of Special Exhibition Hall 2, Korea Manhwa Museum